Meet Tyriq Rowe


I am emailing you to thank you and every one of the Counselors in the Triangle East Chapter of 100 Black Men for keeping me in mind and helping me throughout my years of high school to become the man I am today. You guys have had a huge impact on how I think and how I treat others when it comes to being respectful in a professional environment. I can’t thank you gentlemen enough for being a huge support factor with grades, goals, aspirations and more. Most importantly, for believing in my success when other people did not. I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for my Scholarship. The 100 Black Men Scholarship was the highest Scholarship I have received and was well needed. I am truly grateful. I am blessed to be introduced to such a wonderful organization. I want everyone to know that from a student’s perspective, you guys are a huge help and there should be more organizations out there whose sole purpose is to encourage and pursue the success of young African American males. I do want you guys to know that school is going very well, I am striving for a 4.0 this year and I am determined to complete this goal. I hope everyone is doing well,

Thank you again!


Tyriq Rowe