Meet Michael Armstrong, Wake Technical Community College

My name is Michael Armstrong and I am currently a sophomore at Wake Technical Community College. I’m on track to graduate this year with my Associates in Arts focusing on accounting and my Associates in Science focusing on chemistry. The 100 is a great program and I’m glad I spent my teenage years surrounded by so many influential leaders. Out of all the things I learned from the 100, some of the most important lessons were on presentation. It’s effortless to be dressed nice, well groomed, punctual, and well-mannered those types of things require no expertise. The 100 taught us the importance of those things because those intangibles can be the difference between you getting selected for something or another candidate. These lessons continue to benefit me in college because I always keep myself looking presentable. Before any of your professors actually meet and talk to you they are going to have their preconceived notions of you based on how you look. Looking sharp can help avoid negative notions. The 100 scholarship was a huge help when I started school. I didn’t have to struggle at all financially my first year because of the scholarship, it went towards my tuition and covered my books as well. I thank you all for taking the time to view my testimonial, the 100 is a great program and staying under their guidance as a young black man is what has helped me strive to be successful in life.

Thank you,

Michael Armstrong