Become A Mentee

The 100’s Mentorship program encourages it’s mentees to stay in school with the aim of graduating from high school and creating a plan for life after high school (e.g. college, military service, trade skills, etc.). Our bi-weekly Saturday Academy workshops exposes mentees to a variety of topics activities, and experiences designed to improve success. Examples of our workshops include SAT / ACT prep session, STEM exposure and industry site tours, academic tutorial sessions, stock market knowledge / investing, Black History, one-on-one / group mentoring, job shadowing, and our scholarship program are all necessary components of our mentorship program.

How to sign up for mentorship

There is no cost to register as a participant in our mentoring program. In order to participate you will first need to sign up with our online registration forms.  All forms must be completed, signed, and returned to confirm your registration.

Online Forms for Mentorship

Sign up online to apply for our 100 Blackmen of America mentee program

Downloadable Forms for Mentorship (each document will open in a new window)